The Vital Action Project (formerly known as Proyecto Huella) is a grassroots non-profit that remains extremely committed to effective direct action. With your support we create programs and take action that yields actual results towards liberation and conservation. 

Since 2012 our teams have removed over 6,000 sacks of plastic debris from sensitive coastal habitats. We have been involved in the release of over 65,000 hatchlings from endangered baby sea turtle species. We have provided food and other support to local communities. We have assisted in planting hundreds of trees. We have assisted in the transport and care of dozens of injured wild animals.

In 2016 we established "Vivero Escameca," a sea turtle and habitat conservation project in remote Southern Nicaragua. This project has protected almost 9,000 sea turtle eggs from perishing in the illegal poaching trade. The vivero has hatched and released over 6,000 hatchlings from 3 different species of endangered turtle. The program has also created local job opportunities as well as a financial reward system for community members assisting in the conservation work.

In 2017, with your help, we will continue and grow "Vivero Escameca." We plan to expand our conservation patrols onto several beaches in order to protect even more endangered sea turtles. We will also be expanding education efforts and providing more local support through employment opportunities and our rewards systems. We will continue to organize beach clean-up and coastal rehabilition efforts including a two-month focused effort on Costa Rica's Nicoya Peninsula. We will be initiating a reforestation plan in Southern Nicaragua with the goal of building and supporting strategic wildlife migration corridors. We will also be developing better plans and systems for emergency response, stabilization care, and transport of injured wildlife.

We have big plans and ideas. 
With your donations and support we can get the work done. 

Together our action will make a difference!